OMA West: Summer

summer from the oma collection

august 19-october 1, 2022


Summer isn’t just a time of year, it’s a mindset of joy, freedom, adventure, and intriguing possibilities. This peek into Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA)’s collection features bright, figurative, whimsical scenes, saturated with the vibrant colors of our sun-drenched summer days. Each work presents a figure or group of people as the main focus, with the slightly surreal environments they occupy offering visitors the opportunity to get lost in daydreams of magical summer days. 

Since expanding in 2008, OMA has acquired works of art related to the Southern California region from 1900 to the present. One of the goals of the permanent collection is to document high-quality works of art that are created in, influenced by, celebratory of the greater San Diego region. This exhibition includes artwork by Sara Botts, Janet CoolingVirginia Halstead, Fred Holle, Alexia Markarian, Leovigildo Martínez, and Tim McCormick.

Tim McCormick, Sack Race #66

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Artwork pictured at the top of the page: Leovigildo Martínez, Fiesta Mixteca, ND. Oil on canvas. Gift of James and Catherine House, 2015

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