Beata Mierzwa: Beauty of Science

Beata Mierzwa: The Beauty of Science

A Museum Store Feature Exhibit

october 30, 2021–november 28, 2022

Inside every one of us lies a tiny universe that makes all life possible–a world too small for our eyes that is not only fascinating but also amazingly beautiful. My art invites you to discover biology from a unique angle, highlighting the depth, complexity, and beauty of the magical world inside every living being.

“I am a molecular biologist and artist who combines science, art, and fashion to share the beauty of biology with the world. My curiosity about the wonders of life inspired me to pursue a career in research, and spending time behind the microscope allowed me to appreciate the beauty of biology. I discovered that creativity is an integral part of both science and art, and that combining these passions creates a unique and innovative way to communicate scientific concepts.

My artwork focuses on the molecular level, showing processes that make all life possible. Each illustration requires breaking down the essence of complex scientific information and translating it into aesthetic visuals, using metaphor and abstract imagery that highlight biological concepts in intuitive ways. I create my artwork by making a detailed pencil drawing on paper, adding colors and scientific data digitally. I also design science-inspired fashion printed with drawings and microscopy to share visually stunning scientific images with the world–offering a glimpse of what has fascinated scientists and scholars for centuries.

My passion for artistic expression is driven by a strong desire to create a positive impact on our world. While scientific research is key to solving the world’s most pressing issues, I firmly believe that it is our responsibility to make these concepts accessible to everybody and change the way we as a society approach research, education, and communication.

There should never be a reason for anybody to believe that science is too complex to be appreciated in its fullest, and I have found that the intersection of art and science is the key to spark fascination and curiosity for the molecular world inside and around each of us. My art aims to illustrate that science offers so much more than oversimplified concepts from textbooks, as well as how many wonders are still waiting to be discovered.

Particularly important to me is encouraging young women to pursue careers in science. My art challenges current stereotypes and paints a more inclusive picture of what it means to be a scientist. Making science more accessible will bring creative minds into the field, with the enormous potential for innovative research and groundbreaking discoveries that will transform the world we live in.” Beata Mierzwa

Beata Mierzwa was selected for this exhibition as the People’s Choice winner from 2020's Night of the Living Art: An Art After Dark Extravaganza.


Beata Mierzwa, Microscopy Dress at the Vienna Science Ball, 2017

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A dress representing the beauty of the molecular world! The prints on are created from real microscopy images of human cells. The blue layers show a collage of dividing cells, with green mitotic spindles segregating the blue DNA into two daughter cells. This ensures that each cell receives the correct set of chromosomes. The purple layers highlight the cytoskeleton made of actin filaments, which provide mechanical support and are essential for cell division and migration.


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Exhibition Celebration, Saturday, November 20, 2021


Header artwork: A collage of real microscopy images of human cells by Beata Mierzwa

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