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Curated By The Art Of Autism Nonprofit

MozArt@OMA was an exhibition scheduled for April 1126, 2020, in honor of National Autism Awareness Month. The exhibition was, unfortunately, unable to be presented due to OMA's temporary closure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The artwork chosen for this exhibition is a unique and inspiring collection of music- and synesthesia-themed art by 11 Southern California and Baja California artists. This collaboration between OMA, Mainly Mozart, and The Art of Autism promotes the creative abilities of people with autism and synesthesia. A relatively rare condition, synesthesia is when one sense is simultaneously and spontaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses. Sometimes synesthetes join objects such as letters, shapes, numbers, or people's names with a sensory perception such as smell, color, or sounds. Many of the artists presented in this show join color with emotions, attributes, and shapes to create their art. 

This exhibition was planned as part of the 2020 Mozart & The Mind gala, originally scheduled for April 25, 2020. This annual gala explores the limitless potential of the human mind across all its manifestations “because the world needs to hear ALL of its Mozarts.” 


Many thanks to the exhibition partners:


See additional works by the artists and learn more about The Art of Autism nonprofit in the galleries they created inspired by this exhibition.
See Gallery One here
See Gallery Two here
See Gallery Three here
See Gallery Four here

Click here to download a PDF of artist statements.

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