Survival Is Insufficient

Survival Is Insufficient

March 17–August 5, 2018

Part of the Big Read partnership with Oceanside Public Library, this exhibition addresses the essential role the arts play in our lives. An essential concept of Station Eleven is that survival requires more than basic needs, that there is value in art and creative expression that makes it intrinsic to life. The artists invited to take part in this exhibition—Joan Backes, Joe Brubaker and the Exquisite Gardeners, Larry and Debby Kline, Maidy Morhous, Susan Osborn, Lori Pond, Marisol Rendon, and Cory Sewelson—use their artwork to visually express themes related to preserving culture in a dystopic landscape. These artists represent and utilize familiar objects, remnants of the built environment, and artifacts and icons of everyday life in an exploration of the cultural threads that tie us together.


march, 2018

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