More Disruption



Juried By John Seed, Aleah Chapin, and Timothy Robert Smith

This exhibition explores representational art that has been reshaped and “disrupted”—including by abstraction, web-based imagery, and socio-political concerns—in response to contemporary life and its challenges.

Faced with an overflow of images, today’s artists are challenged to find the combination of subjects and individual hybrid styles that best express what it feels to be alive now. Responding to life’s disruptions engages their artistic imagination and the resulting works energize the flux of contemporary representational art. 

This exhibition is inspired by John Seed’s book of the same name as well as his earlier book Disrupted Realism: Paintings for a Distracted World. It also celebrates OMA’s mission to share the art and stories of Southern California artists. Artists and jurors Aleah Chapin and Timothy Robert Smith, who are among the 43 artists featured in the book More Disruption: Representational Art, will be featured.

PRIZE TO BE ANNOUNCED: Director’s Choice Solo exhibition at Oceanside Museum of Art in 2025 or 2026

This exhibition is made possible with support from the Negri Foundation and Lisa Bebi of the Artist Mentor Project.



Saturday, June 8, 2024, 5:00-7:00pm

Reserve your tickets to celebrate with us on 

(Members free, Visitors $15)

Artwork pictured at the top of the page: Aleah Chapin, The Space Between Our Separateness, 2022. Oil on canvas, 60" x 120".

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