Kevin Vincent

Kevin Vincent: Material Memory

february 20–July 3, 2021

Kevin Vincent

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Concept sketch for Growth, 2021. Organic materials, rope, and steel.

“Through the physical act of combining wood and rope to make assemblages, I explore questions surrounding memory, historical trauma, growth,  perseverance, and integration. I examine memories from my childhood to understand how my initial relationship to wood and rope, as materials, has warped over time as I learned about slavery and how these same materials were historically used to harm or instill fear. The assemblages use this historical trauma as a contact point for the two materials, addressing the violence and fear many people of color feel on a daily basis, but also showing the possibility of growth and creating a new relationship between myself and these charged materials, that  is more like that of when I was a child.”

—Kevin Vincent


Watch a clip from the Virtual Exhibition Celebration, live streamed on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

This program was produced in partnership with KOCT Television, The Voice of North County.


Header artwork: Untitled by Kevin Vincent

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