Teeny Tiny Art Mart Pop-Up Exhibition 2020


November 19–December 20, 2020

Art comes in all shapes and sizes—from eye-popping murals to pieces that fit in your pocket—and sometimes the teeniest art can make the biggest impact.

The Teeny Tiny Art Mart is a sale of works donated by novices, professionals, civic leaders, and local celebrities. Artists and art enthusiasts of every age and skill level were invited to join a growing community of teeny tiny art makers and create their very own miniature masterpiece for a great cause, with 100% of the proceeds helping support OMA’s ongoing education initiatives that provide transformative arts-based experiences to thousands of students annually.

All work will be available for purchase at the accessible price of $25 each—with a twist—buyers will not know the identity of the artist until they purchase the artwork.

Artworks will be on view in OMA's lobby for a week leading up to the sale, and although artwork will be taken down during the course of the sale as each finds a new home, unsold works will remain on view through December 20.

Go to the Art Mart page here to preview the teeny tiny masterpieces. More artwork will be added regularly until November 20. The virtual sale of work will start at 7:00am on Sunday, November 29.

Including Artwork By

Irene Abraham
Jackie Leigh Allen
Dean Andrews
Nancy Arms
Susan Ashley
Valorie Ashley
Alexandra Babic
Emily Bartolone
Pamela Benham
Caroline Benkendorf
Charlotte Bird
Shannon Blemberg
Doreen Borseth
Sarah Bricke
Daniel P. Brogan
Audra Brousseau
Amy Caillouette
Maureen Calvin
Janell Cannon
J. David Carlson
Carlos Castrejon
Denise Cerro
Tanya Chahal
Joyce Chaney
Marie Chapian
Taylor Chapin
Margaret Chen
Jim Christensen
Judith Christensen
Renee Cohen
Bob Coletti
Christina Conway
Richard T. Cooper
Erin Corbin
Lael Corbin
Josephine D. Coyle
Ashlyn Craig
Carroll Crannell
Janice L. Crocker
Rolly Crump
Lisa Curry
Lyndelle Curry
Francoise Dahod
Kevin Daly
Megan Darrough
Silvia de Alba
Karin De Baay
Irene de Watteville
Morgan DeLuna
Kathy Dewbre
Wyn Di Stefano
Ellen Dieter
Karla Dominguez
PC Doss
Patricia Dunne
Becca Dwyer
Emma Eland

Jeanette Eland
Teresa Ellis
Beth Epperson
Kayla Espinosa
Rachelle Farber
Don Fike
Kelly Fisher
Juan Flores
Katie Flores
Andrea Forgnone
Kirsten Francis
Parker Franco
Barbara Frangas
Daniel Frey
Patricia Frischer
Carolyn Funes
Joanne G. Garcia
Sean-Micheal Gettys
Polly Jacobs Giacchina
Le Gillen
Elizabeth Gilpin
Ann Golumbbuk
George Goodrich
Wendy Graham
George Grant
Henry Grant
Karl F. Grusendorf
Kathleen Hamilton
Zia Hance
Johanna Hansen
Kimberley Hansler
Julie Harris
Gay Hart-Brewer
Randy Harwood
Patricia Haynes
Diane Holtz
Lin Holzinger
James Hubbell
Kristi Hughes
Kristi Hughs
Angela Jackson
Olivia Jesinoski
Heather Johnson
Kate Joiner
Mandy Jouan
Grace Kalberer
Sherry Karver
Gabriel Kasor
Amanda Kazemi
Kirby Kendrick
Blake Kern
Mikey Kettinger
Mary K. Kiel
Pat Killen
Samantha Kinsey
Cuauhtémoc Q. Kish
Susan Kogan

Karen Krugman
Aleya Lanteigne
Laura Lehman
Annie Lemoux
Jessica Lindzy
John Linthurst
Angeline (Mimi) Lobrucherie
Jennifer Luce
Yvette Lyons
Francine Lypps
Hamid Maleki
Kelly Mallaby
Malotte and Rae
Templeton Mangang
Carol Mansfield
Skyler Martin
Manny Martinez
Kathleen McCabe
Nelda McComb
Josie McDaniel
Christine McKee
Phyllis McNeese
Matthew Meinhardt
Matthew Mielczarek
Rita Miglioli
Laurie Mika
Lori Mitchell
Lorna Morck
Allan Morrow
Gillian Moss
Clelia Mouzaki
Gilman W. Mueck
Kisti Murray
Annalise Niel
Jane Norris
Nancy Norris
Pat O'Rourke
Wil Oldaker
Annie Omens
Marty Ornish
Marcelle Ortiz
Susan J. Osborn
Kathleen Ossiander
Kate Palese
Vaugn I. Parsons
Fiona Phillips
D.J. Piacentini
Ernie Pick
Cerellita Pinote
Kathy Piper
Tiffany Rami
K. Brooks Reid
Allison Renshaw
Tara Ritacco
Susan Robershaw
Claudia Robinson
Daniel Rodriguez
Kaleigh Rodriguez

Jan Rolston
Kelli Romo
Karrie Ross
June Rubin
Katie Ruiz
Kendra Saad
Michel Samuels
Liz Sanz
Satya (Leela Ras)
Carmen Saunders
Kerri Sawyer
Gail Schneider
Laurie Sheahan
Jesse Shelmire
Madeline Sherry
Jari Simmons
Anita Simons
Ving Simpson
Gwen Small
Beth Smith
Don Spargur
Jessica Spargur
Kitty Sparrow
Corrine Steiger
Peggy Stokes
Robert Stratton
Peggy Sue
Sandra Sweeney
Mel Tillman
Patricia Titus
Deborah Truesdell
Heather Urquhart
Lito Vales
Cedric Van Eenoo
Trish Vernazza
Tami Von Merta
Jennifer Wallace
Beverly Walsh
Sybil Ward
Rebecca Webb
Paul Weber
Britta Wilder
Stephen M. Wilkens
Susan Williams
Brady Willmott
Rachael B. Wilson
Rowland B. Wilson
Suzanne Lemieux Wilson
Gigi Woodward
Naimeh Woodward
Toul Yoots
Irene Steil Young
John Young
LaRetta Small Zamora
Milligrad Zimdars

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