Teeny Tiny Art Sale

Friday, June 3, 5:00–8:00pm

Want to own a piece of art but don’t think you can afford any? Now you can!

As a part of Oceanside First Friday Art Walk, OMA will hold it’s inaugural Teeny Tiny Art Sale. Equal parts fundraiser and art collection builder, this sale will benefit OMA’s education department while also allowing people to purchase art for very modest amounts.

The Teeny Tiny Art Sale brings together significant community members for an event that will not only express each participant’s creativity, but will also benefit the museum. Art is being created by artists, civic leaders, and celebrities on a 6" x 4" archival matte card. Adult art is being sold for $20, and children’s art for only $10 each.

One of the most intriguing things about the Teeny Tiny Art Sale is that the artist's identity will not be revealed to its new owner until after it has been purchased because it will only be signed on the back. Imagine buying an artwork that you love only to find out it’s by a famous artist! Artists as far away as Europe and Asia, and as close as the creative staff right here at OMA are participating. 

How The Teeny Tiny Art Sale Will Work

Museum admission is free during the sale on Friday, June 3 and Sunday, June 5. Lobby admission is free during all preview times and all sale times. During the preview times and/or on the sale dates, the first thing to do is to grab a Collector Card to note the pieces you want to buy as you peruse the art. Mark down the numbers for the artwork you wish to purchase. There is a limit of five pieces of adult art per buyer, per turn in line. You can purchase additional adult artworks by getting back in line with the additional numbers noted on your Collector Card. There is no limit to the number of works of children’s art that can be purchased at once. 

Beginning on the first day of the sale, and on each of the subsequent sale days, you will stand in line to purchase the art with your completed Collector Card in hand. There is no predetermined time when you can begin standing in line. All art will be sold first come, first to buy. When a piece is purchased, it will be noted on the inventory board at check out, indicating that the piece is no longer available. So be sure to note all the pieces you are interested in, as some of them may be sold by the time you get to the head of the check out line. Adult art (the numbered art) can only be purchased by standing in line, so the closer to the front you are, the more likely you will be the lucky buyer. We recommend that you arrive early! When you get to the front of the line, you will hand in your Collector Card with your numbers on it. A runner will pick up your art after you have purchased it. You have just added to your art collection! There is no limit on children’s art. You will be able to choose and purchase this artwork without standing in line. While waiting in line, enjoy music, beer, wine, and food for purchase, on the OMA Terrace!

Preview Times:
Thursday, June 2, 5:30–7:30pm
Friday, June 3, 10:00am–4:00pm

Sale Times:
Friday, June 3, 5:00–8:00pm (during First Friday Art Walk)
Saturday, June 4, 10:00am–4:00pm
Sunday, June 5, 1:00–4:00pm (during Free Family Art Day)


(partial list)

Irene Abraham
Jackie Rose Aicinena
Joyce Anderson
Tatiana Agado
Alexandra Babic
Elena Baker
Lortscher Barbara
Bogart Bockman
Bob Boon
Kim Boon
Mark Bromley
Gorman Brown
Laura Cantrell
Carol Chaffin-Limbach
Tony Chahal
Johanna Chambers
Dove Chochrane
Landra Crosby
Stephen Curry
Joyce Cutler-Shaw
Francoise Dahod
Karin De Baay
Laddie John Dill
Mary Dreibelbis
Kyung Drury
Susana Eloy
Amalia Fister-Lottes
David Fobes
Amy Foltz
Andrea Forgnone
Patti Fox
Barbara Frangas
Slyvette Frasier
Ezeile Frees
Dan Frey
Barbara Galazzo
Ann Blessing Gallagher
Regina Gallegos
Risa Gettler
Nilly Gill
Linda Gillen
Flavia Gimore
Liana Goldberg Graham
Ezeile Grees
Wendy Hall
Beverly Halsey
Megan Halvorsen
Walter Hambly
Renetta Happe
Julia Harris
Reese Helman
Keith Henderson
Bob Hord
Sheila Hsu
Yvonne Y. Hsu
James Hubbell
Paul Ingham
Garit Inhoff
Ruth Jameson
Anne Jaramillo
Christina Jaramillo
Jerry Johnson
Linda Kallas
Linda Kardoff
Jenny Kelly
Pamela Kelly
Blake Kern
Jean King
Carole Kunstadt
Annie Leaf
Janet Lee
Joyce Lieberman
Kurt Lightfoot
Carol Limbach
Dr. Michele Linden-Shaw
John Linthurst
Barbara Lortscher
Constance Luedtke
Alma Lueschen
Karla Magana
Eileen Malik
Townley Marie
Fred Maringello
Richard Mayer
Bhavna Mehta
Cindy Michaels
Chris Monette-Appleton
Stephen Moneypenny
Michelle Montjoy
Gillian Moss
Karen Mulgrew
Kris Nelson
Hung Viet Nguyen
Jim Nicholson
Susan Osborn
George Papciak
Marlynn Peak
Carlos Primo
Emily Racine
Sequoia Redbird
M. Regina Read
Elisabeth Refn
Brooks Reid
Allison Renshaw
Julianne Ricksecker
Shari Roberts
Carol Beth Rodrigues
Jan Rolston
Leah Roschke
Pat Rugg
Donna Sasso
Karen Samenow
Joan Sebastian
Susanne Slater
Jane Smith
Gabriel Sotomayor
Eileen Sprague
Susan Stern
Michael Striler
Michael Stiller
Beverly Stuber
Elizabeth Sutton
Cecilia Taibo Rahban
Mary Taschner
Sheryl Tempchin
Tim Townsley
Elissa Tracy
Linda Visinsky
Anastasia Wilgus
Karen Williams-Smith
Mikki Winters-Reed
Lee Zasloff