Allison Renshaw Plastic Fantastic OMA Interior

Allison Renshaw


January 31 - June 20, 2010

Plastic Fantastic explores the contrast between McMansions, plastic surgery and the artificiality of high- end living with San Diego's gorgeous seaside weather and natural beauty. While seemingly random and difficult to decipher, Plastic Fantasticreferences today's open-source culture of sampling and recycling. Fashion, modern architecture and beach aestheti- cism combine and collide in Renshaw's vibrant mixed-media compositions.

Pulsating with energy and pop abstraction, the imagery in Allison Renshaw's paintings allows lines between organic and man-made to blur while exploiting the tension between plasticity and temporality. She creates a chaotic universe weaving fragments of pop culture into a fusion of color and intricate doodle-like patterns. Plastic Fantastic is the first West Coast one-woman museum exhibition for San Diego artist Allison Renshaw.