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Marianela de la Hoz

July 2 - October 9, 2011
The Gerald and Inez Grant Parker Gallery

Set in fantastic theatrical scenes, Marianela de la Hoz’s realistic portraits create an intimate and sometimes terrifying mirror of reality. Her miniature paintings visually recreate an internal world of the grievances, happiness, love and hate, sins, dreams, secrets, guilt and profound feelings that are part of everyday life. Metamorphores features a collection of drawings, egg tempera paintings and assembled works that explore the two constant characteristics in her work, metaphor and metamorphosis= metamorphores.

De la Hoz’s work often makes references to her Mexican heritage but the real essence of the themes depicted are universal and inherent to human nature. Her work is inspired by the aesthetic literary movement called Hemofiction, in which blood, consciousness, time and space collide. Through her paintings she comments on the double morals in life, the atavisms, and the separation of body and soul. She expresses violence through fantasy, black humor and sarcasm in a style she calls “White Violence” small-format paintings depicting nicely-groomed characters, with only a small drop of blood when necessary, all representing a scene in which extreme situations are depicted. She is interested in the blood ties among human beings, the same weaknesses, addictions and worries, the eternal combination of good and bad in each and everyone, the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde within ourselves.

Born in Mexico in 1956, de la Hoz received her BA at Metropolitan University in Mexico City and moved to San Diego in 2002. Her work has been featured in over 24 solo exhibitions including Atrapando Miradas, at the Consulado General de México in Los Angeles, 2011, Mise en Scene at Noel-Baza Fine Art, San Diego, 2010, and El Oficio de Aracne, Centro Cultural de España en México, México City, 2007. De la Hoz has participated in over 56 group exhibitions including Face to Face, William D. Cannon Art Gallery, 2011 and Visible Places: Works on Paper by Women, San Diego Museum of Art, 2008. Marianela de la Hoz’s paintings can be found in private and public collections in Mexico, the USA, Canada, Japan, Dubai, and Germany, including Fundación Cultural Bancomer, México, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach.